Distance Learning is NOT Homeschooling


Well, the apocalypse arrived. And I can personally attest to public school children looking woefully out of their window while my homeschooled kids busied themselves in vital play, weaving in and out of our house on various “expeditions”, while fashioning bows & arrows out of twigs and yarn. I might even go as far as to say that quarantine has forced many parents to turn their own children into screen time zombies - and distance learning has done little to mitigate that problem.

Soon after schools shut down, my neighbor confided in me that she was drowning. Her workload had not slowed down at all during the quarantine. Many nights, she worked until midnight because during the day she spent most of her energy watching over her child's shoulder, pleading with him to complete his worksheets. Distance learning to her meant only three things:

Piles of  Worksheets. Lots of Tears. Rinse & Repeat.

“This is not how I imagined school to be for my...

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