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✔ I am considering homeschooling my children and don't know where to begin. 

✔ I just don't know if I am cut out for being a homeschooling parent. 


✔ I am about to start homeschooling and feel uneasy about navigating this journey alone. I need community. 


✔ Being in charge of my child's education seems stressful and feels like a lot of pressure. 

✔ I am not sure what the homeschooling laws and regulations are where I live. 

✔ I feel overwhelmed with all of the options and don't know where to begin when it comes to choosing curriculum and planning our school year. 


✔ I am excited about the possibility of homeschooling my children but it also feels a bit lonely and isolating as none of my friends are homeschoolers. 


✔ I am scared I will be "messing up" my child by home educating them. 


✔ I am worried that both my children and myself will be socially deprived. 


✔ I would love to meet other like-minded parents that are passionate about home education. 


✔ I feel like I could really benefit from a mentor or someone walking me through this process. 


✔ I want the best for my children and want to instill a lifelong love of learning. 


What's stopping you from having the best education for your child at home every day?

""I'm SO happy that I found "The Confident Homeschooler"! I love the expert speakers that have been featured and truly feel supported and encouraged by the other members of the group. What a great online tribe!""

Maureen, @twolittlelearners
Homeschooling Mama

""Whoa, did not know there was this much information about homeschooling. After joining I've received so many resources on how to prep for homeschooling for my 5 years old. It's debunked the stories I've told myself about homeschooling. I call this the new style of homeschooling.""

Sheng, @shengherr
Homeschooling Mama

"When my 11-year old came to me and claimed she wanted to be homeschooled, the idea was appealing, but the responsibility made me nervous and I felt unqualified and completely overwhelmed with all the options (and opinions!). Thankfully I was introduced to Serena and The Confident Home Schooler. After just one group coaching call, I had multiple vetted resources, understood them, and had a clear big-picture view of what our homeschooling journey would look like – in a fraction of the time that it took me to just start researching online, only to end up confused. After only two months with Serena, I’ve got my entire curriculum outlined (covering all ELEVEN subjects required for my state!) and feel confident that I can make our first homeschooling year a total success. And my daughter is so excited!"

Michelle Herzog, @chellefit
Homeschooling Mama

Why not be a "Confident Homeschooler"?!

When you're just considering homeschooling your children, it seems so scary and overwhelming. A simple 'google' search will cause your head to spin. There is so much information out there which is both a blessing and a curse. I think that it's that surplus of information that can sometimes make parents feel unqualified and insecure. Parents want to know what they feel they need to know and what applies to them in their situation. Busy parents don't have hours and hours to spend researching. I was that parent a few years back and was in a constant spiral of fear, excitement and self doubt all at once. 

I wouldn't want anyone to not homeschool because they feel ill-equipped, insecure, or lonely in their decision. I am passionate about every homeschooling parent feeling so confident that they are 'enough' and that their children are 'doing / learning enough'. I want every homeschooler to be proud and scream it from the rooftops! I believe that with the right resources, a strong supportive community, and some personal development mixed in... "Confident Homeschoolers" are born! 

Introducing "The Confident Homeschooler"

Founding Membership! 


What is included in the membership?

[ Being Developed ]

A "Crash Course" to get you started!

As a "Founding Member", you will be the first to receive the modules to this course as they are created. Whether you are wondering what the homeschool laws are in your state/ country or you are wondering what in the heck the terms "Charlotte Mason" and "unschooling" mean, this will be a valuable resource for you. Learn about the various methods of homeschooling and discover what your homeschool vision is. Learn how to sift through the hundreds of choices out there to find the right curriculum, if any, you'll be using. And so much more...! You will find this on our portal with other announcements and updates for our Members! 

Private Community on FB +

A Monthly Group Call

Join us in our Private Facebook Group for encouragement, support, community and friendship. We have a monthly LIVE video call as well with all of our members. 

Live Trainings with Guest Experts

Come hang out with us on our live video calls. Each month we welcome a new "Guest Expert" in education/ homeschooling or something "self care/ personal development" related such as gardening, fitness, vision boarding, meditation, etc. Replays will always be available on our portal for those that can't make every call. 

Accountability Homie

Your assigned accountability buddy aka your Homie  (homeschooler -> homie). You'll have someone to hold you to your goals and who's there for you when you need them. We will rotate these regularly so you get a chance to meet more members. 


On our portal, you will find a Resource Library full of helpful PDFs for when you are looking for something specific. 

And Much More!!


Is "The Confident Homeschooler" Founding Membership right for me?! A resounding "YES" if any of the below statements apply to you: 

  • I have little ones and I am considering homeschooling them when they are school-aged. For now, I am looking to learn as much as I can and be in community with other like-minded parents. 

  • I am on the fence and just cannot come to a final decision about whether homeschooling is right for our family or not. 

  • I have children in traditional schools that I am considering pulling out to homeschool. I am scared and need some guidance and help on how to "deschool" once they're home and set them up for success. 

  • I am already homeschooling. I live in an area where it's been tough for me to meet like-minded homeschooling parents and I realize I need a supportive community and want to find my tribe. 

  • I am overwhelmed with all of the options and possibilities of home education and would love to have resources, a crash course, and others to walk alongside me. 



Why hello there! 

Hi homies [my indearing term for fellow homeschoolers]! ! My name is Serena Ryan and I am a wife, mama to two boys, former RN, and someone super passionate about homeschooling! 

I live in tiny Delaware with my main squeeze Andy, and our sons Alexander & Teddy. I worked as an RN after college until two years ago, when we decided I would stay home full-time to home educate. 

I would definitely classify myself as an "unlikely homeschooler" since this idea NEVER, EVER crossed my mind until I became a mama. And even then, I went into it kicking and screaming. I was a career lady and I just assumed my kiddos would go to school and I'd move up the ranks at the hospital someday. 

My husband was the original fan and advocate of homeschooling since he was home educated for a few years. He saw the vision and future we could have. The FREEDOM. I was definitely intrigued by this idea and was willing to do some research and learn more. 

I spent quite some time reading books and blogs and learning all I could about home education. I have to know EVERY pro and con of something before making a final decision. I don't feel peace unless I research the crap out of it. :) 

Home education was this foreign thing to me and I didn't know anyone that was homeschooled growing up. There was so much push back from my family and I think some still think I am nuts. None of my friends were homeschooling and I had no mentors... no friends to walk this journey with. It was lonely and isolating and I constantly questioned what in the heck I was doing. 

As my best friends all registered their children for traditional public Kindergarten, I went into full blown panic mode and second guessed everything. I almost registered my son "just in case". I feared that I couldn't do it.. especially with so little support. I feared that my son would miss out on the "fun" parts of school and making a ton of new friends. 

I persevered and kept chugging along, after meeting a dear friend who was homeschooling her daughters. She was the life line I needed and the friend I needed when I wanted to cry and scream and felt insecure. My other friends just couldn't understand and I never expected them to. Without having that one mama that understood me and could encourage and support me, I am sure my kids would be in traditional school.

 I do not want others to go through the internal turmoil and insecurity I experienced. The self doubt and fears. This is when "The Confident Homeschooler" was born. I created it out of my passion to support other 'new-to-homeschooling' parents that are going through all of the same motions I went through. 

I want to give these parents the resources and tools they need to feel CONFIDENT in their decision to homeschool. I want them to have a strong community of like-minded parents to walk in this journey with. I want them to feel like they have a safe haven and a place to turn to when they're in 'full blown panic mode' or just need someone to talk to. 

It's so wonderful that you have come across this page. I am so glad, that regardless of what stage you are in [slingin' newborns, chasing toddlers, educating elementary-aged children, etc], you are here and have an opportunity to join us and become a "Confident Homeschooler"! 


What does it mean to be a "Founding Member"?!

Our membership community is growing and evolving to meet the needs of our members. We are in the process of adding more and more resources and not everything is 100% complete. We are currently accepting new members at our "Founding Member Price" which is an introductory price of $17/ month that will eventually increase. Our "Founding Members" are locked in at this price as long as they remain members, even after we increase the price to others. In return, we just ask for feedback and for recommendations on how to make it better. 

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Access to our "Crash Course" to Homeschooling

Assigned Accountability Homie (partner)

Monthly Live Training with Guest Experts 

Private Facebook Group 

Scheduled Facebook Live Q&A, Featured Member Interviews and Hotseats 





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Access to our "Crash Course" to Homeschooling

Founding Member Pricing

Assigned Accountability Homie (partner)

Monthly Live Training with Guest Experts 

Private Facebook Group 

Scheduled Facebook Live Q&A, Featured Member Interviews and Hotseats 



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to have any experience or background in homeschooling?

A: No! :)

Q: Will my subscription price increase over time?

A: As a "Founding Member" you are locked in to the current price when you sign up. As long as you are a member you will stay at your initial pricing even if pricing increases for new members. 

Q: Can I cancel at anytime? 

A: Yes, You are free to cancel and leave the membership site with 30-day notice at any time!

Can't wait to meet you!

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