3 Reasons a Cabin Rental is an Ideal Vacation for a Homeschooling Family

Sometimes we need a change of scenery, am I right? It's always around February when our homeschool feels a bit void of excitement and I feel I've lost my motivation and inspiration. 

A getaway, if even for 2 nights, can really be refreshing and rejuvenating for the entire family. You can bring school work to do or ditch the book work and plan other educational experiences during the trip. We wholeheartedly believe learning is always happening, even if books aren't involved.

I knew after Christmas we would need a little getaway and my first inclination was to go to one of my happy places, The Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. We've visited Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN a few times now and always have an incredible time. There is no shortage of family friendly things to do and although we do something different each visit, we still aren't even close to trying everything on our list. This destination is high on my list for recommendations for homeschool families as it is also...

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