Practical Ways to Help You Deschool

When I say 'Homeschooling is NOT School at Home', I am saying homeschooling is "Learning At Home". I realize, of course, that for some children a "school-at-home" approach works very well. But, it is essential to understand that it is merely one way of teaching among an ocean of possibilities.

If "very well' is not how you would describe your current homeschooling experience, read on below.

School. It is not necessary & your children don't need it.

Now before you close out of this browser & declare me to be crazy, hear me out, ok?

When I say "school", I mean traditional school as in a classroom with a blackboard, desks & chairs. Traditional schooling invokes a certain sense of obedience. It is a place of instruction where teachers tell children what to do and what to think. When people say school is essential for children, they usually mean education is important for children. And it is along with self discipline, logic, critical thinking & problem-solving skills....

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