Join The Confident Homeschooler Society and let us walk alongside of you! We want to help and support you during your first year of homeschooling so you can go from feeling overwhelmed and alone... to a confident & supported SUPER HOMESCHOOLING PARENT!

What you'll get:

  • Our 8-Module "Homeschool With Confidence" Course Included to Give You Everything You Need to Get Started Homeschooling
  • Members Only Private Facebook Community with Supportive Homeschooling Parents for Encouragement, Education and Entertainment!
  • Monthly Themes that Include Planning, Organization, Homeschooling While Working at Home, Homeschooling in Nature, and Many, Many More!
  • Live Calls with Expert Homeschooling Coach, Serena Ryan, Where You Can Have Your Questions Answered & Receive Help and Support. 
  • Crucial Homeschooling Resources Hand Picked for Families Getting Started to Streamline and Simplify Your Day to Day.
  • Exclusive Bonus for Members: Guest Expert Training and Calls on Topics that Will Enhance the Homeschooling Experience for Both You and Your Family!

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  • 8-Module "Homeschool With Confidence" Course
  • Members Only Private Facebook Community
  • Monthly Themes
  • Live Calls with Expert Homeschooling Coach, Serena Ryan
  • Crucial Homeschooling Resources
  • Exclusive Bonus for Members: Guest Expert Training and Calls



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  • Get Two Months FREE Each Year With the Annual Plan
  • 8-Module "Homeschool With Confidence" Course
  • Members Only Private Facebook Community
  • Monthly Themes
  • Live Calls with Expert Homeschooling Coach, Serena Ryan
  • Crucial Homeschooling Resources
  • Exclusive Bonus for Members: Guest Expert Training and Calls



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  • 8-Module "Homeschool With Confidence" Course

Does Any of This Sound Familiar...

 I am considering homeschooling my children and don't know where to begin. 

✔ I just don't know if I am cut out for being a homeschooling parent. 
✔ I am about to start homeschooling and feel uneasy about navigating this journey alone. I need community. 


 I never planned to homeschool my children but find myself here due to the pandemic. This is all so new to me & I feel overwhelmed and unsure.


 I have to continue working and am trying to figure out how I will balance it all.
✔ Being in charge of my child's education seems stressful and feels like a lot of pressure. 

✔ I am not sure what the homeschooling laws and regulations are where I live. 

✔ I feel overwhelmed with all of the options and don't know where to begin when it comes to choosing curriculum and planning our school year. 


✔ I am worried that both my children and myself will be socially deprived. 
✔ I want the best for my children and want to instill a lifelong love of learning. 


Yes! That's Me!

Sheng @shengherr

"Whoa, did not know there was this much information about homeschooling. After joining I've received so many resources on how to prep for homeschooling for my 5 years old. It's debunked the stories I've told myself about homeschooling. I call this the new style of homeschooling."

Michelle @chellefit

"When my 11-year old came to me and claimed she wanted to be homeschooled, the idea was appealing, but the responsibility made me nervous and I felt unqualified and completely overwhelmed with all the options (and opinions!). Thankfully I was introduced to Serena and The Confident Home Schooler. After just one group coaching call, I had multiple vetted resources, understood them, and had a clear big-picture view of what our homeschooling journey would look like – in a fraction of the time that it took me to just start researching online, only to end up confused. After only two months with Serena, I’ve got my entire curriculum outlined (covering all ELEVEN subjects required for my state!) and feel confident that I can make our first homeschooling year a total success. And my daughter is so excited!"

Maureen @twolittlelearners

"I'm SO happy that I found "The Confident Homeschooler"! I love the expert speakers that have been featured and truly feel supported and encouraged by the other members of the group. What a great online tribe!"

Why Not Be a Confident Homeschooler?!

When you're just considering homeschooling your children, it seems so scary and overwhelming. A simple 'google' search will cause your head to spin. There is so much information out there which is both a blessing and a curse. I think that it's that surplus of information that can sometimes make parents feel unqualified and insecure. Parents want to know what they feel they need to know and what applies to them in their situation. Busy parents don't have hours and hours to spend researching. I was that parent a few years back and was in a constant spiral of fear, excitement and self doubt all at once.

I wouldn't want anyone to not homeschool because they feel ill-equipped, insecure, or lonely in their decision. I am passionate about every homeschooling parent feeling so confident that they are 'enough' and that their children are 'doing / learning enough'. I want every homeschooler to be proud and scream it from the rooftops! I believe that with the right resources, a strong supportive community, and some personal development mixed in... "Confident Homeschoolers" are born!

I'm Ready!

What is Covered in the "Homeschool With Confidence" Course?



It is crucial to "deschool" ourselves when we start Homeschooling. We need this to strip away our old beliefs in order to create new ones that will serve us as homeschooling parents. We also discuss the history of education. How did we get to where we are today?



We will teach you what is the difference between the Classical model & Charlotte Mason? What is Unschooling? How do I know what method to choose? Do I need to choose one? 


Let's keep things legal, shall we? We all want the best for our children & we also want to ensure we meet the minimum requirements in our state. This module will help with just that!


This is one of the most overwhelming parts of starting to homeschool. With hundreds of choices to choose from, where do you even start? This module will help give you so much clarity. 


What is a Co-op? Should I join one? How do I find the right one foro ur family? What is an Umbrella School and should we join one?


The rest of the course will prepare you for these modules where you will create your Roadmap for your family's Homeschool! This is a huge part of planning & will set you up for success. Included in these modules is our 'Homeschool Roadmap' to print & fill out. 

Is "The Confident Homeschooler Society" right for me?!

A resounding "YES" if any of the below statements apply to you: 

  • I never planned to homeschool. But due to the recent pandemic, our family is considering homeschooling for this upcoming school year.
  • I am on the fence and just cannot come to a final decision about whether homeschooling is right for our family or not. 
  • I have children in traditional schools that I am considering pulling out to homeschool. I am scared and need some guidance and help on how to "deschool" once they're home and set them up for success.
  • I am already homeschooling. I live in an area where it's been tough for me to meet like-minded homeschooling parents and I realize I need a supportive community and want to find my tribe. 
  • I have little ones and I am considering homeschooling them when they are school-aged. For now, I am looking to learn as much as I can and be in community with other like-minded parents. 
  • I am overwhelmed with all of the options and possibilities of home education and would love to have resources, a crash course, and others to walk alongside me. 



Why hello there! 

My name is Serena Ryan & I am your guide on this journey to becoming a Confident Homeschooler! Our brand and this exact course were created out of a desire & passion to give parents what I wish I had when I was just starting out. 

I am a true 'unlikely homeschooler' who never could have imagined myself doing this. When I was starting out I didn't have a mentor or a course to guide me. It was messy & overwhelming. I almost quit before I even started numerous times. I quickly fell in love with homeschooling and even was the director of a large local co-op for a few years. In 2017 I started "The Confident Homeschooler" and have been coaching parents ever since. 

"Homeschool With Confidence" is a great Homeschooling 101 Crash Course for those parents just starting out. Our course paired with the 'Society' is everything I wish I had when I was starting out on my homeschooling journey. We hope you will join us on this beautiful adventure that is Homeschooling! 

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